1. 10 things you definitely need before hitting the maternity ward

    10 things you definitely need before hitting the maternity ward

    So you’re having a baby - and you have no idea where to start. Don’t worry - we get that! Information will be pouring out of your pores as you scour blogs, websites, attend baby courses run by the hospital, chat to your midwives at your check ups, question your friends with babies and have late night phone calls with your mum. What do I really need? Why is everything so expensiv[...]

  2. 10 mum hacks you need in your life

    10 mum hacks you need in your life

    Sometimes in life, no matter how independent and #bosswoman you are, you just need someone to tell you what to do. As a mum especially, being suddenly thrown into unfamiliar territory where suddenly you are the ultimate decision maker can be real tricky! From the big ticket items on what to buy for your baby in the lead up, to questioning whether their
    temperature is high enough to s[...]

  3. Safety In the Bathroom

    Safety In the Bathroom

    I still remember the first bath we gave my daughter in the hospital. As naturally as I thought parenthood would come to me, it was strange, she was so small, and I’m pretty certain I still had a lot of drugs running around in my system after birth! For a child who we now use bath time as a wind down/bribery tool for good behaviour as she loves it so much, the first bath was loud and chaoti[...]

  4. Pregnancy 3 Months

    Pregnancy 3 Months

    Pregnancy is different for every woman - obviously, right? Different bodies, different circumstances, different race, different cities. Some women ‘glow’ with a radiant shine from growing a human, and some just glow with a glistening sweat from never ending morning sickness. Some women lift weights until they pop (not literally!), and some just lift their toddler all day. In a world and me[...]

  5. Parenting, Pregnancy and Old wives tales

    Parenting, Pregnancy and Old wives tales

    Old wives tales; a widely held traditional belief that is now thought to be unscientific or incorrect.

    Old wives tales exist in every day living, but no where more strongly than everything pregnancy and parenting related! From gender predictions, morning sickness cures and ways to induce labor, I can guarantee you won’t escape unscathed without hearing at least one.

    Did you c[...]

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